"Would Pearl Jam's music been any different whether or not Nirvana existed? NO - would Nirvana's music been any different whether or not the PJ members existed? YES..."

How the Pearl Jam members spawned Nirvana's success

"Forget everything the media has had you believe, along with MTV - im sharing this information to all fans of music that are curious, these are all facts you can look up for yourself - Before Nirvana formed, the founding fathers of Pearl Jam (Stone Gossard; Jeff Ament) were in a Seattle band called "Green River" 'Come on Down' & Pearl Jam's drummer, Matt Cameron, was in Soundgarden (thats 3 members out of 5 now) - Eddie Vedder was currently singing in a band called "Bad Radio" in San Diego - Green River was well known around Seattle as one of the top definitive Seattle bands..." Sigue leyendo este debate adolescente y grungero.


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